Provestra - Debunking The Myth - An Overview

Welcome to There are a few things in life that are hard to find a conclusive answer to - one of them is the question of women's libido. Since time immemorial, man has scoured chemistry labs, explored both herbal and artificial means in search for the long-sought panacea for female sexual dysfunction. Because contrary to what we would be tempted to believe, sex is not overrated. It is the one thing that keeps blossoming relationships together- at least for the first few years. Pull that plug before the couple gets to know each other better and you'll see them start to drift apart.

And, of course, that brings us to the latest entrant in the race of finding the ultimate libido enhancer- Provestra. In recent past, it has made headlines in both social media and the health circles and in the process earning the famous tag of women's 'miracle drug'. But the success of this drug only revealed a part of humanity that has we're yet to come to terms with - the reality of low sex-drive even among women in their 20s and 30s. Nonetheless, regardless of these raving reviews, one of the biggest questions on everyone's mind is, " does Provestra actually work?" Or are the reviews just staged? Let's take a look, shall we?

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How Provestra works.

Provestra, according to the product's official website, aims at increasing a woman's sex drive by speeding up the arousal time and intensifying the climaxing and sensitivity. So, when on medication, the patient can to reach climax faster and also experience better vaginal lubrication, which means that sex or penetration doesn't have to be a painful or an uncomfortable ordeal. At the same time, Provestra is rumored to increase the sensitivity of a woman's lady parts to the point where she can fantasize about sex without the aid of any external stimulation.

All in all, the mechanism behind the working of Provestra swings on the hinges of pleasurable sex acts and less orgasm time.

The Ingredients and How They Blend Resulting in One Potent Libido Enhancer.

Anyone who has a little background in reproductive health knows that a woman's sexual desire ( unlike men) is influenced by more than a dozen factors. Men can be turned on or off the same away you flip your light switch every night. However, a woman has to be in the right mood, the right time of the month and in flourishing health before any pleasurable sex can happen. Meanwhile, she can easily be turned off, by the most minute of things including certain sounds or odors.

Therefore, when a drug purports to circumvent all the above conditions and issue an ultimate sex appetizer for a woman, notwithstanding her health condition, it's only natural for one to be curious about its composition. So, here is a quick primer on some of it's main ingredients and how they contribute to its functionality.

  • Ginseng - A well-known Chinese aphrodisiac and is responsible for the heightened sexual interest.
  • Theobromine - Another aphrodisiac compound, also contained in chocolate. Now you know why ladies love chocolate bars.
  • Black cohosh root - It's rumored to increase orgasm intensity, and there's also evidence that it enhances clitoral sensitivity.
  • Damiana Leaf - One of the ingredients that suppress vaginal dryness, improves lubrication, and keeps hot flushes at bay.
  • An assortment of natural libido enhancers including, ginger root, red raspberry, valerian root, licorice root, Ginkgo Biloba, L-Arginine, indole-3 carbinol, biotin and vitamins ( B,A, C, E) and folic acid.
  • Sexual stamina additives such as; Dicalcium Phosphate, Propylene Glycol, FD&C Blue Lake 31, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Red #3, Microcrystalline Cellulose.

The bottom line here is that all the above ingredients combine to increase the patient's energy levels, spike up her alertness ( read mood), improve blood circulation to the genital areas ( sensitivity ) and generally make it easier for her to reach climax.

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Side effects of Provestra.

Unlike a majority of commercially produced libido enhancers today, Provestra has no known or documented adverse side effects. However, going by some of the patients' reviews available online, they have been a few cases of slight headaches, drowsiness and decreased appetite associated with long-term use of this drug. Save for that, Provestra is largely safe for use by women of all ages and doesn't appear to disrupt the menstrual cycle. Also, this can be tied to the fact that 90% of it's ingredients are from natural sources.

Additionally, going by the numerous doctor's endorsements for this drug, it's evident that Provestra is well tolerated by most if not all its users. But you might want to talk to your doctor if by any chance you're allergic to any of the above ingredients. In any case, the manufacturer has a 60-day money back guarantee if the usage of the drug results to any serious reaction or side effect.

Are there any benefits of using Provestra? Does it really work?

If customer and independent health reviews are anything to go buy, then we can confirm to you that Provestra has a given degree of success among women of varied age groups. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the said degree of success is highly dependent on the individual under medication. So, it is not surprising that some women will even enjoy the elusive multiple orgasms- all thanks to Provestra- while others will only notice a subtle increase in interest in sex or just improved lubrication. But if you have exhausted all the other natural means of spicing up your sex life, ( including talking to your partner) then it doesn't hurt to give it a shot. Who knows what is in store for you?

Conclusion and final verdict.

There are several things that make Provestra more than a wonder drug, almost too good to be true. For starters, the manufacturer offers a 60-day money back guarantee if for any reason you're not pleased with the results or improvement in your sex life after just two months of using the drug. 

Secondly, the natural ingredients that constitute the makeup of this drug imply that you can easily substitute the pills with the natural aphrodisiacs after your body has gotten used to your new sexual lifestyle. 

Lastly, over 95% of the Provestra patients have nothing but praise for the drug. 
Despite all these, at the end if the day the choice is yours to make, isn't it?

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